Man learning HGV Driver Training Category C+E in Premier Flee Solutions artic lorry

On the road in 4 simple steps

We follow a simple 4-step process to get you on the road as quickly as possible, with all the skills you’ll need.

Getting Started

Once you’ve signed-up you’ll need to pass you HGV/PCV medical examination.

The medical will be booked at a location and time that are convenient for you.

It is a non-intrusive process, which involves the Dr asking a number of health related questions, focusing on your medical history. They will also perform an eyesight test and take your blood pressure.

You are required to take your driving licence, a list of any medication that you take and glasses if you need them for driving.

The Dr will complete the required D4 form, which you will then send along with the D2 application form to the DVLA to apply for your provisional entitlement.

Theory Test

In the mean-time we’ll book your theory test and prepare you for it.

You are required to take two theory tests prior to being allowed to begin your practical driver training. These are Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception.

The Multiple Choice test consists of 100 questions taken from 14 different topics related to driving. For example; Accidents, The Driver, Environmental Issues and Drivers’ Hours and Rest Periods. The pass mark for this test is 85.

The Hazard Perception test consists of videos of real life driving scenes and you need to spot and react to developing hazards whilst watching. The pass mark is 44/75.

We provide an online study pack, which covers both of the above tests. The study pack provides training on each topic and mock tests to practise and test your knowledge.

In addition to the above tests, if you wish to drive as a career you will be required to take your Mod 2 CPC test.

The module 2 case studies test involves a series of questions based on real-life scenarios that you may encounter during your day to day work as a driver of a large goods vehicle or bus. The test is made up of seven case studies consisting of between 5-10 questions. The pass mark for this test is 40/50.
We can also provide an online study pack to help you prepare for this test.

Driver Training

We’ll get you into a HGV/PCV vehicle and start your driver training.

Once you have passed your Multiple Choice and Hazard perception tests, it is time for you to get behind the wheel.

Practical training is scheduled over 4-7 consecutive days, dependant on the number of hours you require. Each session will last between 4-5 hours.

On your first session, we will introduce you to the vehicle and then take you out driving, concentrating on the vehicle dynamics and positioning correctly to ensure safety.

Throughout the remainder of your practical training we will cover reversing, coupling and uncoupling if required, show me tell me questions and general control of the vehicle.

During your training you will complete your 3A test, which focuses on reversing and if required coupling and uncoupling.

Practical Test

We’ll book your practical HGV/PCV driving test and make sure that you are 100% ready for it.

We will ensure that you are test ready, by covering all road types and scenarios that you may encounter on the test.

At the beginning of the test, you will meet your examiner and sign a declaration that the vehicle is insured and that all your personal details are accurate.

The practical test lasts a minimum of 60 minutes driving and you will drive on a range of road types.

Upon completion of the test, the examiner will give the test results and a brief summary of the test report to you and your trainer.

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