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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between HGV and LGV?

Nothing! They mean the exact same thing, both refer to a commercial sized vehicle.

How long do I need to have to wait to take my HGV Theory test?

There is generally availability to book HGV theory tests within a week or two from the date of booking. However, make sure you allow yourself adequate time to study for the tests. We recommend a month of study.

Where is my nearest HGV theory test centre?

Seventh Floor
Kirklees House
30 Market Street

Seventh Floor
St James House
Vicar Lane
S1 2EX

Do you provide HGV theory test practice?

There are practise tests and scenarios included in the online study package which we provide

How much does a HGV theory test cost?

Multiple Choice — £26
Hazard Perception — £11
Mod 2 CPC — £23

What happens if I fail my Theory Test?

Don’t worry. You can rebook your test immediately but you must wait at least 3 working days before retaking.

What if I have passed my theory with another company?

It is okay. If you have already passed your medical and theory test, you can do the practical driver training with us. We would advise having an hour’s assessment drive to ascertain how much tuition you would require.

Do you provide CPC training?

We provide the first 35 hours CPC for those who require it. This consists of your practical training, multiple choice, hazard perception theory tests, Mod 2 CPC online test and Mod 4 assessment. We are also able to offer on-going CPC for experienced drivers who have lapsed using our partner, National Compliance Training.

Do you provide a HGV medical test?
Yes. We can book this for you at a location which is convenient for you

Where is the HGV test centre?
We use the test centre in Handsworth, Sheffield.

Orgreave Way
S13 9LT

What if I fail my practical driving test?
Don’t worry. You can re book your test immediately but you must wait at least 3 working days before retaking.

Is the HGV class 2 theory test the same as HGV class 1?
Yes. The theory tests are the same for class 1 and class 2

What type of payment methods do you accept?
We accept debit, cash and direct bank transfers (BACS). We can also discuss payment terms to help you manage the cost.

If I have a Cat D bus licence do I need to do another medical in order to drive a HGV?
No. As long as your medical is still within date you do not need to do another medical. You need to do a medical as a new driver and then every five years in line with your HGV licence renewal.

If I have a Cat D bus licence do I need to do the HGV theory tests?
Yes. The theory tests for HGV are different to the Cat D bus tests so you need to do them even if you have passed the Cat D theory tests.

What can I drive with a Class 2 licence?

Trying to decipher what each category of licence actually means can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. Therefore, we have decided to make it really clear what vehicles you can drive with a Class 2 licence.

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How long does it take to become a HGV driver?

There is obviously no definitive answer, as each learner is unique and therefore times vary from person to person. However, we have provided a guide to timings below. 

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Why train to be a HGV Driver?

With reports of 60k plus HGV vacancies in the UK due to a serious shortage of qualified drivers, it has got a lot of people thinking about a change of career

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